FreshFlower-CBD and private label

Are you looking for private label CBD products? In special occasions we also develop private label products for licensing partners. The production process of our Bio-Botanical FreshFlower-CBD oil is protected by worldwide patent rights and over the years we have developed a lot of knowhow. By using fresh hemp flowers, we stay as close as possibly to the true source of CBD. The FreshFlower-CBD oil can be enriched with additional ingredients to specific and standardized product formulations. We are part of the Orange Pearl Innovation Group from The Netherlands that has been active in health products for over 30 years.

In case you are interested to develop your business in your market with outstanding CBD products that are as pure and close to nature as possible, contact us to discuss the possibilities at:

FreshFlower-CBD is part of the OrangePearl Innovation Group.
Products can be developed as private label or SanaCan branded.
Dutch Cannabis Processing (DCP) grows, harvests and produces FreshFlower-CBD oil.
SanaCan products are the only CBD products in the world made with FreshFlower-CBD oil.
Do you have a question about FreshFlower-CBD or another question? Do not hesitate to contact us.