Cultivation and harvesting

The cultivation is aimed at obtaining as many fresh flower tops as possible because the fresh flower tops in particular contain most of the important components (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids). No pesticides are used during cultivation. Harvesting is done manually, therefore we can select on quality and only the best flower tops are used in our process. This secures a minimum loss of trichomes which contain the active components of the fiber hemp plant and are therefore very important.
The fresh flower tops are processed the same day of harvesting in the Patented Bio-Botanical production process. The production process works on the basis of fresh flower tops and oil extraction. Our own developed process installation ensures that the components are separated from the fresh flower tops and dissolved in the oil. The reason for this process and the fresh flower tops is that we want to preserve as much of the natural components as possible. Scientists have introduced the entourage effect. This means that in addition to the fact that the ingredients have their own effect, there is also a synergy: the substances can influence each other’s effect. For that reason, a full spectrum CBD oil is often preferred.

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