The only CBD oil in the world
made out of fresh cannabis flowers

Based on our unique and patented bio-botanical process

Why FreshFlower-CBD?

The downsides of Dried Cannabis plant material.

Almost all natural CBD oils on the market are based on dried plant material. The most common way to process a CBD oil from dried plant material is called ‘critical CO2 processing’. This is a complicated and expensive process that has not been developed for cannabis plants. The result of this process is a paste that contains CBD but is also full of other, unwanted and fouling components. This paste is then dissolved in an oil to a certain concentration. This is the most common CBD oil sold on the market but has several downsides:

the power of Fresh Flower

Dry plant material

Patented Bio-Botanical Process

Dutch Cannabis Processing (DCP) produces CBD oil following an unique Patented Bio-Botanical Process. We are the only producer in the world to work with fresh hemp flowers grown by ecological agriculture. With this Dutch innovation, the flower tops are processed into a high-quality FreshFlower-CBD oil on the same day of harvesting

Ideal dosage by microdosing!

Start slow, start low! Dosing CBD can be tricky, there are no universal guidelines when it comes to dosing CBD. Various factors can influence the dosage and every person is different. It is therefore important to build up the dose slowly by microdosing. This technique involves taking small amounts and build up slowly till you find the perfect dose for you.

Made with Fresh hemp flowers!

Dutch Cannabis Processing (DCP) grows, harvests and produces FreshFlower-CBD oil differently than other producers of CBD oil. We are the only producer in the world to work with fresh hemp flowers! Once the plants have been harvested, they enter our patented production process the same day.

Designed for specific problems!

FreshFlower-CBD is the basis for the SanaCan CBD oils which are specially developed for specific problems. The SanaCan product line consist of 3 CBD oils.

Pleasant taste!

The taste of CBD oil is sometimes described as bitter, plant-like or earthy. Some people even describe it as “dirty”. Some people get used to the taste or take the CBD oil together with something else, such as a piece of bread to mask the taste. To make the taste of CBD oil more pleasant, essential oils are part of the SanaCan formulas. In addition to the fact that essential oils have a health-promoting effect¹, they also provide a pleasant taste. ¹

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